About Jade

Jade Struck was born and raised in southern California on a horse ranch where she learned how to ride when she was 2 years old. when she was 8 years old, jade shot a gun for the first time, and immeditaley felt a drive to want to learn more. jade's first experience shooting consisted of using her dad's .22 LR and learning the importance of safety and respect in firearm handling.

jade had originally shot long rifles in preparation for elk hunting, a ritual that jade and her family have had since she can remember. Since she began shooting competitively, the firearm platforms jade uses are Pistol, rifle, and shotgun.


jade began shooting competition when she was 18 years old after falling in love with the focus and competitive nature of the sport. since then, she has taken home several championship titles and has taken up a passion for teaching others how to shoot.


jade began teaching others how to shoot when she found that she resonated with the struggles she saw students were having and saw that she could help.

jade has perfected her ability to teach over the years, and has refined her curriculum to see results in everyone she works with.
Her instruction
focuses on solidifying proper technique, becoming one with your firearm, effective movement, entering flow state, positive self-talk, enjoying the process, and more. jade has a very holistic approach and shares her philosophies while teaching to really bring the training full circle.

Jade wants to provide her students with everything they need to continue their growth, so she teaches her students how to teach themselves and continue their training even after they have left her courses.

jade lives to teach firearm enthusiasts, aspiring competitive shooters, youth, law enforcement officers, and veterans.

she has been known to also teach actors and actresses to prepare for upcoming roles, in which advanced firearm handling is necessary for the actor to not only better understand the characters they are portraying, but to truly become them.

she is known for her work with Keanu reeves in john wick 2, and Keanu and Halle berry in john wick 3:parabellum. you can see her shooting style infused in the characters firearm skills and proficiency. 

jade feels an overwhelming sense of fulfillment from being a small part of helping others achieve their goals and dreams, by using shooting as an avenue, she can reach the hearts and minds of anyone who is willing to put in the work to be the best they can be. jade believes in the power of self-development and self-worth, she encourages all who follow her journey or work with her to, "continue to pursue what sets your soul on fire and sends your spirit higher."

jade has branched off into the space of physical fitness, wellness, and spirituality, and is sharing her philosophies on her various platforms which include:


Instagram: @jadestruck

facebook: @jadestruckofficial

youtube: @jadestruck

twitter: @jadestruckpro

Patreon: jade struck

the podcasts:

"milk and honey"

(Lifestyle, wellness, self-growth, philosophy, and spirituality.)


"the war room."

(faith and spirituality.)


Jade donates her time to law enforcement officers, military groups, and nonprofit organizations.

if you are interested in having jade come to teach a class to your group, please email us at: admin@jadestruckofficial.com


Jade will be traveling to teach across the u.s. for more information on upcoming class schedules and events, please visit the "events" tab located at the top of your screen.


if jade is not currently scheduled to teach near you, feel free to send us an email through the "contact" tab and we will see about setting up a course in a city near you.

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