Frequently asked questions

How old were you when you started shooting?

I was introduced to shooting by my dad when i was 8 years old. I started on a .22 LR and went to .223 when i was a bit older. I originally began practicing my marksmanship to prepare for elk hunting, which we do every fall. I always have taken it very seriously.

How did you get into shooting 3 Gun and Pistol Competitions?

I saw a 2-gun match when i was 16 years old and was like, "This is like real life Call of Duty!" After that i never really thought about competing until i learnt the basics (Pistol, Rifle, Shot Gun) for compeition, then i began shooting matches locally and traveling for state sanctioned matches and Nationals. It was quite natural to me, and i fell in love with the competitive nature of the sport.

How can i begin shooting compeition? Where should i start?

I would first begin gathering equiptment that you feel comfortable competing with, I would also highly reccomend taking a class with competitive shooters to really get a footing and understanding of how compeition works. Once you've done both of these things i would just hit the range and find a match to attend! Start locally, get in a squad with elders who are willing to help you navigate the flow of a match. And don't be shy!! Everyone has started somewhere, and this sport is filled with a very welcoming group of people who want to see it grow. Ask questions and watch what others are doing. Follow their lead and be confident in the fact that you are welcomed and wanted. Also, do you research. There are tons of online forums to help you find the gear that would best suit your needs, and also any questions that you have generally. The internet is your friend. Lastly, enjoy the learning process and be kind to yourself. Every match is an opportunity to learn, grow, and develop as a person and a competitor generally. Remember to always be safe and respectful of what you are doing.

How old are you? How tall are you? Where Did you grow up?

I am 22 years old, my birthday is February 11, 1998. I am 5'7. I grew up in Ventura County, CA.

What kind of pistol do you shoot?

I shoot a Glock 17, but that is soon changing.

What plate carrier do you run?

I use a AR 500 Invictus plate carrier with steel plates for added weight when I'm training.

Do you teach classes?

Yes, my upcoming group classes and event can be found in the EVENTS tab on the website. If you are interested in private classes or private group classes, email me at

Is compeition syle shooting valuable in daily life?

I think so. Compeition shooting requires an extreme amount of proficency on all platform. From accuracy to speed, movement and awareness of surroundings, i believe it to be a useful base of knowledge that can be expanded upon when taking classes in the tactical/defensive space.

Why did you shave your head? Are you going to grow it out?

I shaved my head because my hair was annoying me and kept getting in my face when i was shooting. I don't regret cutting it and it was not scary. I'm sure at some point I will grow it back out, but that's not something I want to do right now. I like it shaved and it fits my spirit.

Are you single?

No, I am not single. But i love you anyways.

What do your tattoos say?

The right forearm says, "Seek Humility." The left, "Uphold your divinity." They are in Ukrainian, from which my mother's side of the family is from.

Are you religious?

I am technically a Christian, but I consider myself to be in a great relationship with The Lord. He has saved me and given me a new life, I love Him with all of my heart and will serve Him forever, faithfully and loyally.

What platforms are you on?

I am on; Instagram: @jadestruck Facebook: @jadestruckofficial Patreon: Jade Struck Youtube: Jade Struck Twitter: @JadeStruckPro Podcasts: The War Room (Spiritual/Faith) Milk and Honey (Lifestyle)